Monday, 27 February 2012

Rob MacInnis

I stumbled upon a photographer named Rob MacInnis while researching animal photography. I was so impressed that I found myself spending hours looking through and critiquing his astounding images. He uses a fashion approach to lighting these barn yard animals as if they were runway models. You cant help but see the personality of each animal shine through in the picture, is enough to turn me off of eating meat.

My favourite is of Julianne, I was drown to her because she looks as if she knows something you don't and is giving you a smirk.

Julianna 1 By: Rob MacInnis

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Denis Rouvre

The 2012 World Press Photos of the year are up, and even though this photo didn't win it is 
number one in my book. It was taken by French Photographer Denis Rouvre  Who is known 
for his amazing portraits. 

"Toku Konno is a survivor of the devastating tsunami of 11 March 2011. Among those in 
Japan who lost everything, she found refuge in a plastic temporary home in a makeshift 
village in the area of Sendai, north of Tokyo."  see more about the World Press write up.

This is the 55th year of the World Press photos of the year. This year 5,247 photographers 
from over 120 countries submitted 101,254 WOW i would not want to be one of the judges. 
There is 11 different Categories to choose from so go check it out.  

TOKU KONNO, 29 November 2011